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911 - What's your Emergency?

The long-term effects of unmanaged occupational stress can negatively impact the physical health, mind, mood, and behavior of First Responders. Because of the cumulative effect of their ongoing exposure to traumatic incidents and organizational stressors,  the demands of their profession often severely affect their personal lives and the quality of their relationships. We have an emergency of epic proportions.

We Offer Training Programs


  • ​CISM - Assisting Individuals in Crisis (2-day certificate course)

  • CISM - Group Crisis Intervention (2-day certificate course)

  • Suicide prevention training for firefighters and law enforcement personnel

  • Classes on understanding and managing compassion fatigue
  • Emotional wellness and resilience training
  • Assistance with the development of formal peer support programs

What You Gain

  • Emotional resilience skills to mitigate critical incident/post traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, and organizational stress  

  • Reduction of critical incident-related illness and absences   

  • Opportunities to develop healthier relationships

  • Increased awareness and the courage to reach out for help

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